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Yoga is an ancient practice, intricate both in it’s practical and philosophical foundation. A deep understanding of yoga is gained only through direct and practical experience. By engaging in a regular practice, you can look forward to an improvement in health, increased awareness, as well as becoming resilient and equanimous through life’s challenges and fluctuations.


Vinyasa’ means ‘breathing and movement system’. For example; inhale raise the arms over head, exhale fold to place the hands on the mat, inhale to look forward and open the front of the body, exhale jump back into plank position. The purpose of vinyasa is for internal purification. It internally heats the blood so that it can circulate freely around the joints to remove pain, and through organs to remove the impurities that cause disease. It is believed that impurities leave the body through sweat.


Tristhana is the three places of attention or action. Posture, breath, Drishti (gazing point). These three are very important for yoga practice, and cover three levels of purification; the body, the nervous system, and the mind. Tristhana is a useful tool in developing concentration, equanimity, perseverance and clarity.


We often think of our work environment as a stressful place. Ahimsa Health would like to help shift the dynamic in your workplace. Wellness activities in the corporate environment have been shown to foster better communication among staff, increase productivity, and boost morale. Let yoga and/or massage help to shift the outlook and daily experience of your employees, and see how this simple act can transform your work environment.

Running classes in the workplace can help employees with time constraints, and relieve work and personal pressures. Not only do our yoga classes help to keep the body healthy, but the techniques used calm the mind, leading to improved focus and clarity. With these benefits, tasks can be addressed effectively, uplifting the energy and outlook required for optimal performance. Corporate yoga classes will create a space for you and your co-workers to breathe, move and connect.

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