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  • Would you like support in creating and achieving goals that unleash your potential?
  • Do you sometimes wish you had someone to give you ongoing support with healthy whole food choices, inspiring fitness training, spiritual nourishment from ancient yogic practices, and in addition to all of this; a diploma in Remedial massage to keep your body in optimal condition?

Ahimsa Health had an abundance of inspirational ideas and experience to have you covered. Please browse the information below to explore the modalities that we are able to incorporate into our wellness coaching sessions whether it be for private or corporate sessions.


At Ahimsa Health we are trained and experienced in Remedial Massage. Using observation, assessment, and palpation skills that have been enhanced and refined over 8 years of experience; Ahimsa Health can direct a treatment for your specific requirements.

Remedial Massage uses science-based techniques to:

  • reduce pain and discomfort
  • shorten recovery time by flushing the tissue of metabolic waste
  • improves circulation keeping ligaments and tendons supple and young.
  • stimulate the skin and nervous system to reduce both physical and emotional stress
  • assist in medical, rehabilitation, and remedial therapy programs.

Yoga Therapy

Offered as private yoga sessions tailored specifically to suit the needs and desired outcomes of the individual. It is fast becoming a popular health modality in Australia, offering all people, including those with a wide range of ailments or disabilities, the guidance and personal tools that they can use to enhance their lives.


Approaches to fitness are vast and diverse, as are the reasons for engaging in fitness activities. At Ahimsa Health we believe that moving your body is the most natural thing in the world. To explore your physical potential is to explore your existence in this world. Different physical activities create different experiences in both mind and body. Because of this, enjoyment is often found when your fitness is founded on movement that truly resonates with you. If you are looking for something that moves you (pun intended), we can help guide you to movements that you can integrate into your lifestyle and truly thrive on. 

Healthy Whole Food Inspiration

Ahimsa Health has what can only be described as a very ‘friendly’ approach to food. We look at food as our connection to the nature and nourishment. We have also taken into consideration what impacts our growing population and heavy consumption takes on the planet and eat in a way that has positive far reaching effects on our environment. We offer recipe ideas that are often comprised of seasonal whole foods that are nutritional and delicious without inhibitive eating rules or complex ingredient lists. We also offer ideas for healthy snacks and smoothie recipes to keep things fresh and interesting. The recipes that we offer have been detailed by a Nutritionist.

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