“Emali Early Learning Centres have had a fond relationship with Danielle and our centres have been implementing her YIPEE program to enrich the lives of our tiny humans for over 2 years.

As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner, I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Danielle and sincerely believe she has brought her unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless determination into her mind, body and spiritual wellbeing for everyone. ”

– Eman Serhan

Chief Operations Officer
Emali Early Learning


“Danielle is an amazing therapist. It’s rare to find someone so young with such a skilful and intuitive approach to bodywork. Danielle is strong and sensitive, respectful and considerate, and most of all receptive, generous, and truly invested in positive outcomes. I would like to recommend Danielle to anyone who is looking for professional physical healing.”

– Josh Pryor


“I had tried yoga before and thought it wasn’t for me until I went to one of Dani’s classes. She is such a genuine knowledgable and caring teacher, I am totally hooked now. Thanks Dani for making yoga part of my life.”

– Jennifer Barnes


“Dani’s yoga classes have changed my life forever, I don’t know what I’d do now without them!
I feel so invigorated, calm, relaxed and in-tune with myself all at once, it is an amazing feeling to practice yoga and to constantly learn and grow with it.
Dani is such a wonderful, patient, and friendly teacher and she makes you feel comfortable and welcome instantly. Thank you for being you Dani!”

– Karina Chajka


“… That was the best massage I’ve ever had! It felt like my body was melting under [Danielle’s] hands”

– Kathryn Yeing


“Over the past thirty years I have experienced many massage therapists, all have had certain excellent qualities. However, Danielle has managed to combine all of the best qualities with her wonderful disposition and propensity to understand the human body, both physically and spiritually. Her professional knowledge has clearly been enhanced by her numerous trips to India, by empowering her learning and therefore increasing her awareness of the culture and the insight into the huge benefit of Yoga. The commitment of these trips alone shows her unselfish, self sacrificing and magnanimous dedication to healing and improving others.

Her calm disposition creates a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere, which enhances her natural deportment to attain the best results with her dedication and understanding of overall health and therefore, contentment. The room she has beautifully arranged for achieving the above, further exhibits her polished awareness of just how to fulfil the desired outcome for her clients. I could not recommend Danielle highly enough for one’s overall wellbeing.”

-Tina Lowe

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