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At Ahimsa Health we are trained and experienced in Remedial Massage. Using observation, assessment, and palpation skills that have been enhanced and refined over 7 years of experience; Ahimsa Health can direct a treatment for your specific requirements. Remedial Massage uses science based techniques to stretch and lengthen connective tissue and muscles, reduce pain and discomfort, enhance wellness, and bring you a sense of relaxation and mobility.

Remedial massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic waste. It improves circulation and stretches the ligaments and tendons, keeping them supple and young.

Remedial Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested in a regular program for stress management. It also has specific clinical advantages to assist in a medical, rehabilitation, or remedial therapy program.

At Ahimsa Health your remedial experience can also be enhanced with elements of Reiki, Hawaiian, Ayurvedic and Thai Massage. Each session is tailored to your preference and requirement. Options to upgrade your treatment include Hot stone massage, Essential oils, or Indian scalp massage.

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