When was the last time you thought about how busy you are? Was it two days ago? Two hours ago? Two minutes ago? If you’re anything like me, it probably wasn’t long ago at all, because busyness has become a way of life to most of us. I’m sure everyone you know is busy – your friends, your relatives, your co-workers. No one escapes the keen sting of stress that a demanding lifestyle inflicts, but most of us don’t think about who else this busyness affects.

Because adults are not the only ones who are busy and stressed. Children are just as sensitive to this crazy life as we are, and they often lead lives that are every bit as hectic. Just think- they go through the fast-paced routine of school/childcare on a daily basis, as well as the stresses of homework, the constant socialising with friends and teachers, not to mention the competitive nature of afterschool sports.

Now, if you’re an adult with a busy life, you take a time out. You stop doing what you’re doing and you make time to nurture yourself, whether it’s with alone time, or a chocolatey treat, or a blissful massage at the day spa down the road. Or, of course, you do yoga. Yoga provides a break from the demanding world, a chance to be present in the moment; it allows you to focus on the here and now, on each breath you breathe and the movements your body makes to achieve each pose.

And why should adults have all the fun? If children can be just as stressed as adults, it stands to reason that children require the same remedies as well. And this is where the entire purpose of this blog comes into play. Yoga for children. Simplified, yes, but just as important and just as beneficial. I will be delving into the benefits of yoga for children in depth in later blogs, but suffice it to say that yoga for children is a balm for the stressed-out soul. It provides children with a space to relax, to stop stressing about the future, and to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. It provides children with a space to discover amazing things about themselves, and what their bodies and minds are capable of. Yoga provides the building blocks of a calm, confident, and courageous child who can better cope with this busy world, and this blog will explain all the reasons why…


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